Time to remember how mean COVID was to all of us. COVID was a stealthy enemy that locked us down, made us wear masks, shut down businesses....oh wait, that was the government...nevermind.
People are backtracking. In truth this started some time ago, but I'm going to start chronicling the backtrackers here. Plus a meme to go with it. The…
A new meme along with more new, but old, bullshit spouted by the CDC.
The Gutter reviews my new book: I'm Nobody. Who Are You? Can We Save the World? The reviewer thinks it makes for good bathroom reading.
The Year Humans Defeat AI
I'm so proud of my home state...
James Howard Kunstler nails it in his most recent post, "We'll Soon Find Out." A few highlights below, but I highly recommend going to the source and…
And you thought the vaccines were killing humans? Today the truth is revealed in that Mainstream Media Masterpiece, The Daily BullShit. It's all making…
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