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I'm Free!

Attacking Dr. Malhotra: This is their best shot?

The Car Injured

News Digest: Dec 17-19, 2022

News Digest: Dec 13-15, 2022

Watch and Listen, but Don't Wait for Help from the GOP

News Digest: Dec 10-12, 2022

Double Down. Triple Down. Quadruple Down.

FDA Approves Bivalent Vaccine for Children 6 months - 4 years

Grifter of the Year

I'm sorry. I don't recall.

Your Vote Doesn't Count

House of Cards

It takes time to count all the fraudulent votes

Vintage Political Cartoon Repurposed: The Great Reset

The Great Reset

Sure Cure for Arizona

Take it Easy

No License for Disinformation Has Disappeared

Send in the Clown

Amnesty Today

Pandemic Amnesty? Go to Hell.

Crucify Him

Saving the Raccoon

Homeschool Reason #1

Are Apologies from Vax Pushers Enough?

The Free Speech Bar

Undefined Transgressions: Will Someone Please Tell Me What Medical Disinformation Is?

Is Australia Burying People Alive?

OhioHealth…From the Diversity Team

Vintage Political Cartoon Repurposed: The SPOILS of COVID

On Being a Moderate: What is the Truth?

Save the World Now

The Nature and Value of Satire by Edgar Johnson

Lincoln on the Eternal Struggle

Biden's Red Sermon: Full Text

Getting From There to Here

Daddy, what did you and Mommy do during the Great Covid Pandemic?

The MAGA Fist: Never Give Up

The Blind leading the Blind

Vintage Political Cartoon Repurposed: The Burden of Child Trafficking

California Gulag

Who Do You Like the Best?

Who Decides the Truth? NLFD: Stop Using that Rhetorical Tactic!

Gasoline: Observations After New Covid Inoculations, in Layman's Terms by Deanna Kline, AGNP-C, MSN, RN

Which School Board Tonight, Ladies?

Men Can Get Pregnant

Fauci Steps Down...Way Down.

On Chickens and Freedom

To Whom it May Concern:

NBC News: Pfizer asks FDA to Authorize Updated Booster Shot

The Biden Regime Is Crazy...and Evil

There’s a lot of flip-flopping, backtracking and outright lies happening now.

California Assembly Bill 2098 Changes Language

A New Kind of SADS

American Pravda by James O'Keefe

When Tyranny and Inefficiency Are Great and Unendurable…

Trump's Mar-A-Lago Raided by the FBI

I was wrong about Trump voters by Bret Stephens

A German Health Insurer Reports 1 in 25 Clients Treated for Vaccine Injury

Bad Days Ahead for the Unvaccinated - Fauci

It could have been so much worse...

Righteous Indignation by Andrew Breitbart

It's not the vaccines!

An Immodest Proposal

Vaccine Death Denial

Love, Law and Civil Disobedience by Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Trust of the Many Betrayed

Doctors, Say Something.

The Inmate to The Corporate Asylum to The Asylum

Get Vaccinated Against Misinformation

Protesting is Not Civil Disobedience

That guy out there just dropped dead...

San Diego School Board President Says Wear Masks or Stay Home

"As long as I count the votes..."

Freedom From Fear by Aung San Suu Kyi

When will a significant number of doctors begin speaking out?

Excess Deaths on the Rise

An Open Letter to Doctors

Live Not By Lies by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Do Not Freaking Comply!

The Blame Game: Buy Your Tickets Now

Have a Great 4th of July!

The Psychology of Totalitarianism by Mattias Desmet

Never was so much harm done to so many by so few.

California Senator Brian Jones Writes The Inmate

Where Have All the Doctors Gone?

The Gates of Hell

I'm Nobody. Who Are You?

Roe v. Wade is Overturned

California Censorship Bill (AB 2098) Removes Language (It’s not good news)

Album: What's It Gonna Take? - Van Morrison

Act Brave...Become Brave

MonkeyPox: Haven’t We Seen This Before?

The Power to Refuse: Naomi Wolf’s The Bodies of Others

The Power of the Powerless by Václav Havel

"Died Suddenly," "Died Unexpectedly", et al

Is there a cure for cowardice and willful ignorance?

Why Am I Doing This?